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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Master Your Mission & Make Bank In Your Business

Sometimes it’s scary to own up to what we really want.

This is my 1 year anniversary of when I pivoted my online fitness business to visibility. And trust me, it’s hasn’t been an overnight success. So don’t compare yourself because we are all in the making. It really is all about honoring where you are. Today I want to give you my three big takeaways from growing a six-figure business in just one year’s time.

One of the massive lessons I’ve learned is that we really think we are being us but oftentimes there are so many layers in front of that brave truth. When we actually start to admit that this is what we feel we are meant to do it may look different than what we thought. It’s scary to realize those things and that’s where I was one year ago. One year ago today I realized that I wanted to leave fitness behind. That was my career for 13 years. I had built two fitness studios and supported myself and my daughter at the time. I was a single mom for a lot of years, picking up my daughter from school and creating my own schedule. I thought I was really living the life. I felt like I was successful and in my mind I was but there’s a truth behind it.

The truth was that more than anything I wanted to be a life coach. What’s funny is that now it’s so popular and so mainstream to be a life coach but when I first got my life coaching certification it was eleven years ago. You could basically be a hairdresser, a personal trainer or like a therapist if you wanted people to talk to you. I literally became a personal trainer because I knew it would leverage my unique skills. I was 26 at the time and I was like what are my skills? People like to talk to me. I’m the person that no matter where I am I’m always going to get people telling me their stories. I’m trustworthy and I ask questions – the right questions. So it was really natural for me. I literally became a person trainer to fill that “zone of genius” and I was really successful at it because of that. I can build relationships and sustain them. It’s so easy to play inside that comfort zone.

When I took my fitness business online I felt like Ooo, I’m doing it! I’m getting in front of more people and I can truly express my genius. But here’s what happened – it did not happen. I barely made any money because I created only digital courses. Three in one year’s time. It takes a big following to sell into online courses like that and I just didn’t have that yet. Basically I was just searching for my voice.

I was literally targeting entrepreneurs with my fitness academy because I knew I wanted to work with entrepreneurs and help other women step into their truth and align with their mission. Yet I wasn’t fully aligned because I hadn’t truly done it myself yet. Then it hit me that fitness was not my zone of genius and I always wanted more.

If I were to put on the scales, a life coach, thought leader a spiritual teacher compared to being the successful personal trainer that I was, even though maybe they are equal, it did not feel equal. It felt scary as fuck because if I owned my deeper truth inside me and it didn’t work out, then what?

When you own that deep wisdom and that truth and it wants to come out it is the scariest thing you will ever do. I know some of you can relate to this. Here’s the thing, you CANNOT FAIL. When you put all your chips in you do not fail. You are guided all the time in the direction that you need to go.

The #1 thing I learned is that you never actually know what is possible. It’s impossible for our human brain to wrap our mind around the actual possibility. Never in a million years would I have been able to truly see or believe that I could way surpass the 6-figure mark. Or that I could retire my husband from his 9-5. But more than that, that I would be able to really step into owning that genius. There is no pretending and no fluff about what I do, the content I put out, how I show up on video or in my life every day. I was suppressing that for a long time because I was afraid to fail at my deepest desires. But when you step into your truth you never know what the Universe has in store for you.

The #2 thing I learned is it’s really not about the money. I was always like, I want to be a part of the 6-figure club and I want to make this money. But when I really started to ask myself why I wanted to make the money, it really wasn’t about that. It wasn’t just about having money in the bank, it was about the lifestyle. I work at being grateful every day for having the lifestyle I have. My husband takes our daughter to the water park, he does the grocery shopping and the cooking and I have a house cleaner.

I get to focus on my genius and I give so much free content away. I’m creating a new three day business challenge called Boom Your High Vibe Business Bootcamp. That is what I get to spend my time on, the things that light me up. And inside of that I get to be in service. I think of all the women that I can impact. It is not cliché to be in it for the impact. It’s real. And when you live that things come to you and I literally feel like a golden road is constantly being laid out before me.

One thing I want to say about revenue is that people use that 6-figure mark as the Holy Grail. Like when you get to 6-figures THEN you’ll be successful. The truth is that that doesn’t really matter, except that it does because it is a reflection of how much you are willing to receive and how much space you are willing to hold for your own success. But I have to say that it is not like I exactly grossed over one hundred thousand dollars. I have brought in that much revenue, but I think it’s an important conversation to keep open that when you hear people talk about their income, you have to take into account what their overhead is what they are reinvesting into their business.

The #3 thing I learned is to not get caught up in the how. Every single thing I do is everything. I don’t really know if it’s going to work out but I never get hung up on the how. Like right now I’m creating my membership site but I’ve never thought about how it was going to work, how are people going to find me, how is it going to happen, because that will just keep you small. Go for the why. That is enough.

 (I also answer some questions and have a LIVE guest hop on with a question at about 19:50 in!)

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Being Married 3X Has Taught Me And How Your Relationship Issues Can Be A Superpower In Your Business

What comes up for me usually comes up for you. I’m not going into gory details here but I want to use my three marriages as a reference point. Some of you that know me well know that I’ve been married three times. So I’m going to share how the turbulence of relationships and issues within them can be a superpower in your business.

Sharing your real self is how you cut through the online noise because what is everybody craving? Connection! Why did I get married three times? Connection!

I’m going to start at the end of the story and backtrack a little bit. What inspired me to talk about this is that I was having one of my moments. I’ll say I have this “ability” to want something. I have an ability to want attention from a man, my husband, because that is such a comfortable place for me. I spent my entire childhood and most of my adult life wanting attention from men, starting with my father.  What happens is that we get so used to those patterns and they become so normal that everything in our life matches them. We all can relate to that. We have the same things come up in our relationships over and over and over again because we are open to them.

This particular thing happened where I was feeling kind of needy, I call it “needy AF”, and it was because I wasn’t getting my needs met. How many of you have a different love language than your partner? Do you even know your love language? My love language is words of affirmation. I know that I need compliments and any kind of criticism is really hard for me. Knowledge is power, so knowing that I need lots of juicy, loving words in my relationship is good.

Understanding how you really need to be loved is one thing, but putting it into practice can be difficult. It’s so much easier to blame and to feel like a victim.  I can honestly say that that is what I was doing in my first two marriages. I was really stuck in that wanting more and I was so good at it that I picked men that didn’t have my love language. And that were like smoking weed all the time. So they weren’t really being present and showing up.

I know I have this pattern and have worked on it so much, but it is still there. That’s why I don’t really love terms like “busting through your blocks” because that’s not really the truth. We don’t just snap our fingers and are completely different people. The best case scenario is that we can enhance it and learn how to use it. I use it in my business. I’m not the Visibility Queen for no reason! I’m the Visibility Queen because I spent my entire childhood and adult life wanting more attention. That makes me pretty darn good at knowing how to get and keep attention and I’ve made into something that is really positive for my life and my clients’ lives.

I don’t think it’s about not having the issues anymore or busting through the blocks. I think it’s about how you can have the awareness, recognize it and use it as your power.

So my husband and I were hanging out in the hot tub and I started getting that little feeling. Basically it’s that little girl that says, You don’t get enough attention, You want more, He can’t ever do it, which is a complete place of lack. Am I really open to him turning around and saying, You my dear, are the love of my life and everything you do sprinkles gold and fairy dust? No I’m not because I’m focused on what I don’t have. So instead of blaming him and telling him how he did it wrong, which I have done before, I did something really, really magical. I got right down to what it is that really makes me feel loved. There are a million things but the one that I thought of in the moment was that I want to be told I love you. We say I love you often but it’s always me who says it first because it’s my love language to express love verbally. Can I fault him for that? No, because it’s not his love language. His love language is physical touch (or see what I actually said in the video!).

Would he tell me that he loves me on his own? Probably if I never did it but I always beat him to it. So instead of blaming him for not being me, I recognized it, cut through the crap and said, Honey, I need you to tell me you love me more often. As it happened I felt like it was a bit magical.

Here’s the next part. In the past I spent all of my time in my other two marriages feeling pissed off at the fact that I would have to ask for something like that. To ask for my needs I felt was some kind of disservice to myself and in some way didn’t count if they just didn’t do it. I think that’s a normal feeling but the truth is that’s not how humans work. We are all working on ourselves and working out of our own personality type, history, masks and everything.

So he took it in and the past few days he just says it to me. I have to be honest with you , it’s a little uncomfortable. I was busy not receiving that for a reason because it’s part of my identity that I have to want it and need it. To really make that change IS busting through the blocks, IS changing the story, IS rewriting the script. And that made me think about business and that woman who was married two other times, fighting for the love and wanting it so badly, but setting the situations up to be a complete disaster. I didn’t know how to ask for my needs or that I was worth having my needs met. I certainly wasn’t open to receiving them.

It’s a powerful testament to our businesses as well. We want more success, we want more followers, we want more clients, we want to make a bigger impact and a bigger income. Yet are we asking for our needs in a clear and focused way and being open to actually receiving them?

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t do all that personal development work that made it possible for me to laser focus and pinpoint what I need. Now I am able to ask my husband for it and actually receive it from him when he says it to me, and not think it’s some watered down version of what I need because it’s not his natural ability.

You can’t skip the phases that take you from you from being in your story, the one that’s not serving you anymore, all the way to living that freedom life that is all about choice. There is no short cut but it is possible and there is a formula, if you will. I’ll share with you the very, very beginning phase of this for me which was all about requirements. I went to couple’s therapy, alone with other couples while my husband stayed at home  (that’s a whole other story and that marriage only lasted another six months at that point) and I started doing the work. The work began with what are your requirements. When I was truly diving into that work it was fucking scary because I had to really step up to the plate and say, If I require this that means I know why I’m worthy of it. I know I am worthy of receiving it and that there’s a consequence if it doesn’t happen.

We all know that business is built on relationships and a really good business is built on really good relationships. I honor all that work in therapy and in my marriages because it makes it where I have this super-thriving, strong foundation of a business that is really about communication and relationships.

I wanted to put this message out there because I think it’s relatable. As women we are sort of conditioned and trained to want more. We aren’t conditioned and trained, until now, how to open up to receive it and really stand in that power that , This is what I’m here for, this is what I want, I’m a bad bitch and I’m gonna get it!

I want all my soul sisters to get it too. Whatever that means to you!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself Will Get Bigger & Better Results

Reason #1 - Invest in not just anybody, but in somebody that has the results that you want. That is the key. You could be investing in a therapist, marriage counselor, personal trainer, swim instructor, business coach, or nutritionist. Anybody you hire with a specific task, you always need to look at their results.

Another part of this is when you hire somebody that has the results you want, you get a short cut to those results. From my experience with the online business pieces that I’ve learned on my own there was a lot of trial and error. Take my Facebook profile for example. For so long I did not use my Facebook profile for business. For the first six months that I was online I used Facebook Groups and my business page and really was not seeing any results.

I watched a free summit and there was a guy on there, Joshua Hayward, who was talking about how he uses his Facebook profile and he is totally thriving in his business. He gave a few tips and from that day forward I really changed the game with my Facebook profile. The reason I did that was because he really had the results I wanted. But I didn’t buy his program. I took his free tips and implemented them. But of course he didn’t give me ALL the tips because he wanted people to buy his program. He did give enough so that I was interested in the concept but my DIY attitude had me doing it myself. What I have learned over the last 6-8 months of doing it myself is that it probably could have gone a lot faster and smoothly had I bought his program. But now I created a program that I only charge $47 for and it’s literally everything that I learned going the DIY route for six months.

Why invest in yourself? Because you’re going to get bigger and better results faster. I think it’s fine to DIY in places because YOU might become the expert in that place and you’ll be able to teach your own system.

But if you do that in every single place in your business, especially the places you feel stuck, than I promise you it will take a lot longer to get where you want to go.

You can make every decision for yourself and nothing is wrong with that. But finding people who have the results you want and then picking and choosing the things that you want to invest in is really the smartest advice that I can give you.

Here is a personal example of what I have done. In about a year I have invested at least $10,000 in coaching, I’ve hired consultants where I’ve invested like $400 for 90-minutes and I’ve done that a couple times, and 6 or 7 online mini-courses that were $150-$300 each. I also spent $6000 on my website which also doubles as a software where I house my programs.

Why am I telling you this? Because every single online person that you see will tell you the same story and that is that they invested in themselves. It might be a prompt so that you’ll work with them but it also is just the truth.

The places where I invested the money were places where I could not DIY. I know for a fact that if I had not invested in coaching I would be sitting in very much the same place I was.
It’s very smart to figure out where your strengths are and work that crap out of those strengths. Then get really clear on where your weaknesses are and where your stagnant places are. Weak is one thing and you should definitely get help there but stuck is huge. Those mindset blocks and those places where you just have no idea what to do or how to do something, should be where you hire someone to help you. Otherwise you will never get ahead.

Hiring someone that has the results you want specifically in an area where you are weak or stuck is a key investment. The most important thing about investing in yourself is that it creates an opportunity to learn.

Now the things that I learned I am able to teach. Which is why I do what I do. I want to see everybody thrive. I see everybody’s natural potential and I genuinely from my heart, feel so much joy when I see them succeed. My soft spot if for boss mamas and women who really have a strong message in their heart that they want to share.

Reason #2: Value = Value. This is a mindset shift. If we look at money as a stand in for value, then we can clearly see that we value ourselves. When I valued putting money into my website then in return I get a really nice website and I get the results of that. I get you to go there and say, Wow this is beautiful and she’s professional. So it’s the value that I place on it and in return the value that I get.

When you start to look at investing your money, your time and your energy into something, it should be all about the value that you want. If what you want is to build a six-figure coaching business or a six-figure service-based industry business, than you have to value it enough to invest in it.

I don’t think the money you invest has to be equal to your goal because your time and energy counts too.

How much do you value your own success? What does that success look like? What do you need to invest to value it to the fullest degree?

Reason #3 – The Universe is always listening and will know that you are serious.  I find this to be a huge lesson and game changer that every single thing you say, statement and choice that you make is sending a very clear message to the Universe.

What is that message? If that message is, I’m scared to invest in myself, then the Universe hears this; You don’t believe in yourself and you don’t want it. If you are too fearful to invest in yourself it means that you are not believing in yourself enough and the Universe knows that. It is the magnification of your energy. If your energy is fearful than that is what you are going to get back.

On the other hand, if your energy is abundant and if you say, Well of course, then you see that coming back to you. Say you see this program, and this has happened to me so many times, I watch the webinar, I go to the website and read everything and I think that I want all these results that this person is saying they are going to deliver if I do the work. If I get a no, is that the resistance telling me that I don’t believe in myself? Is it resistance because I don’t really want it or maybe I can’t invest the time?  Whatever it is, that resistance is what the Universe will pick up on. So many times I do the thing because I want the results and it’s very fresh in my mind that I’m doing it because I want to prove to the Universe that I’m serious. You really will see results this way. You may think it’s a coincidence but I say it is NOT a coincidence, I promise you.

If you spent the $47 on my Facebook program and you dialed out your Facebook profile and started implementing the strategies that I showed you, then you get a private message that somebody wants to work with you a week later, it’s not an accident. It’s because you did the work but it’s also because you invested in yourself. It’s that initial valuing yourself, your business and your message to the point where you will say YES. The more you say yes to the more the Universe is going to say yes to you and you are going to get the bigger, better results. It is just that simple.

Start to look at where you can say yes. When you get that little gut feeling that says, Ooo, I want those results, notice the negative voice in your head that says, I can’t afford it or I don’t have the time, and just call bullshit on it. Then see how that feels. If you still feel like you want the results and are willing to do the work then just do it. Experiment with it by doing it a few times. Buy a few programs or invest one big chunk of money one time and if you don’t get any results then fine, maybe it wasn’t right for you.

I’m saying to you that if you do your diligence and follow all these three reasons/tips you will see results. Because that is how it works.

In the next couple weeks be fully aware of how many offers you get based on your interests. Don’t be annoyed because you get targeted offers because they are something to be considered. It does not mean you need to say yes to every single thing. You need to be clear and decisive based on your discernment. But notice where you can start saying yes because that deep inner knowing and sparkle of intuition comes up for a reason. When you feel that and the connection with the person, and you feel that it’s the right value for you and you want those results, just say yes. Try it and see what happens.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

3 Ways To Redirect A Vulnerability Hangover

I have had many vulnerability hangovers so I want to share these three ways that I redirect them. I’ve been putting myself consistently online for a year and a half and I can say that it does get a little easier but the fear and the anxiety around it, and the vulnerability hangover, does not go away. I’ve just gotten better with dealing with it.
You get better at dealing with it because you recognize your own process and what it looks like.

Tip #1:  Get to know yourself and recognize it as a vulnerability hangover. Call it whatever you want. Name it something and then start to disassociate yourself from it. 
This is definitely the best thing you can do because what happens is we get on a high when we’re sharing and it feels so good. But then it can crash if we don’t get the exact response we wanted. It can be really disheartening and it can set us back. Like the one step forward three steps back kind of a feeling. We just have to remember that we are not really taking those steps back.

That is why there is so much power in naming it. You can say ok, today I feel sluggish or tired. For me I hate everything and I realize something is going on because I don’t normally hate everything.

I think being tired is a big one for a lot of people but maybe it’s a feeling of dread, anxiety or overwhelm. Whatever those feelings are that come up, name them and disassociate them from the core of who you are. Those feelings do not define you.

What they are is your ego telling you that you are changing too fast. This is uncomfortable. It’s OK but it’s important to be able to separate yourself from it.

Tip #2: Consider Your Impact. Even if you only had 10 people that viewed your video (or 80 because on FB you will get more than 10) but you are comparing yourself to someone who had 500 or 1000 or a million, that’s still 80 people that were influenced by something you said.

Take away the feeling that you have to have somebody’s approval to share your gift. I hope you get praise for what you are doing but you might not, especially at first. It’s very important to own your message, own the power behind your message, and trust that the people who are meant to hear you will come. That in some way you touched the people who have watched you. You may never know that you touched someone’s life and that is why it is so important to take the attention off yourself.

When we are truly in service and we are sharing the message because WE know the value, then even if it’s only one person that gets that value that is the motivation to keep going. 

It’s ok to have any thoughts you are having. Getting to the next level of success won’t mean that you no longer have those feelings.

I attract spiritual entrepreneurs who have a message to share and do know deep down that somebody needs to hear it. I know that every single one of you feels that way and that the other side of you, the mean girl or the ego, the side that’s trying to keep you small is a piece of this. It’s about learning how to dance with this, not delete it.

The better you get at the process the more of a master you become. So it involves continually showing up and doing it no matter what.

Tip #3:  Call on your support and always have skin in the game. I know I preach this all the time in terms of investing in yourself. I have invested a lot in my online business. While I know that I am the one who has gotten myself here, I do believe that I’ve gotten myself here because of those choices that I’ve made. Every time I feel low I have such a fire under my ass because I just spent $11,000 on a one on one coach. Or before that I had spent over $10,000 and I just did a $1,500 program and a $1,000 3-hour session, so much time, money and energy is invested in my success that it holds a fire under my ass and I’m able to more quickly go through this process.

I recognize what I’m feeling, get some self-care in and move on. It becomes a process of moving on quicker. But if you don’t have skin in the game, a fire under your ass and something more than you and your ego, it is hard.

When you know how awesome something is because you’ve experienced a piece of it (like Rock Your Videos) but all you are saying is, I can’t afford it, I hope for you that at some point you switch that dialogue. That inner truth has to take over and you have to say, HOW can I afford it? What can I do because I know this is going to get me to the next level?

It’s the chicken or the egg. Are you going to wait until you make more money or get three new clients and THEN you are going to invest $1,000 into your business? Or is investing $1,000 into your business going to get you three new clients?

The people I see skyrocket to the top and who really make an impact in a faster way are all people that are investing in themselves at a very high level.

You need to invest in yourself if you want people to invest in you.

You are not always going to want to show up and it is not always going to feel good. So calling on your support and having skin in the game will help you to believe in yourself.
The way the Law of Attraction and the Universe work is that you have to believe it first and then the Universe will serve it.

This is the time for all the soul-sisters and all the amazing women out there that have a message to share, to step out even if it’s uncomfortable, and be the leaders they are.

I love the quote “Leaders go first”. It doesn’t mean it’s easy and comfortable. It also does not mean you are not going to have a vulnerability hangover afterward. But when you practice this 3-step system it really is the recipe to keep going.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To Use Comparisonitis As A Superpower to GROW Your Business

We all have it and I know it to be true, because we are all human. I am really pretty passionate about this because I have to talk myself off the ledge of comparisonitis all…the…time. So I think it is responsible of me to share that with you and to tell you how we can use it to grow our businesses.

I like to put a positive spin on everything and if you know me or have met me in person you know that’s true. I’m compulsively positive. It think it’s just natural for me but I also know it works really well with the Law of Attraction.

Do you use the Law of Attraction in your life and in your business to get more of what you want and to attract the things that meet you where you are and really serve you?

One of the most important things about LOA is how we feel. We all know this but I think a lot times what happens is we have a feeling like comparison. For me it’s on social media – hello! How easy is it to compare yourself to somebody’s highlight reel, aka their social media pages, with your behind the scenes? Like who puts all their bad selfies up and complains about all the things they might actually complain about in their real life on social media? Everybody is putting their best foot forward all the time on social media. And that’s awesome because I prefer to follow people who are being positive but at the same time we have to recognize that that is not the whole story.

First and foremost we have to look at it that way. Yeah, that looks really awesome but that’s probably not the whole story and that’s fine. The other piece that’s super valuable is to know and fully embody the idea that it’s good to have comparison and why.

Why would it be good to have comparison when all you hear is, Don’t compare yourself to other people and if you are doing that, stop? Because how are you supposed to know what you want unless you see it in someone else and they show you?  Sometimes we do know inherently or intuitively, but so often we recognize what we want because we see it in someone else.  What we are seeing in that person is a pure reflection of ourselves.

(Family video bomb!)

The whole point of what I’m saying is live and love. Of course you feel comparison or jealousy, because you are striving to be better all the time. It’s totally normal. We live side by side with our ego. All of us do. We are never going to be so spiritually awakened that we don’t learn every day. Hopefully.

I thinks it’s so important to create a process where we can be kind to ourselves and say, Ok I am feeling super jealous or That makes me feel insecure and I’m obviously comparing myself. What does that mean for me? What can I extract from this that is going to help me see me? It’s so much less about anybody else, in fact it’s not really about anybody else ever. When we start to have that filter that says yes, I’m having these uncomfortable feelings and I want to make it about somebody else or make it about somebody else’s success, we can flip it on its head and say, What is it about me and how can I sit with this? If I were my own best friend, which I am, how would I talk to myself? You would say, “Honey I get it. Of course you want it. That bitch has got it goin’ on. Of course you want what she has.”

Where are you right now and how can you embrace where you are? How can you magnify and magnetize your own being? Because that is when all the things start flooding in. We can only be where we are. And it’s so easy on social media to want all the things. Coupled with being human it’s going to trigger those feelings. It’s not bad. The fastest way to grow a soul-driven business has everything to do with owning who you are and being confident in that. Then putting who you are out there.

I feel so strongly about this because I teach people how to do live video, how to be more visible, how to create messaging that really speaks to their perfect audience, because it’s them. The truth is there’s a lot of inner work that has to happen to put yourself out on video regularly and to have a crystal clear message that people really respond to.

I’m here to remind you of that. Know that it’s important to be reminded all the time, how awesome you are and that you are in the exact right place at the exact right moment and its all perfection. Even if you feel vulnerable or you want to compare yourself to other people, it’s OK!

I’m building The High Vibe Zone, a monthly membership, and I’m seeing there are so many more pieces to the puzzle of live video and visibility that are the behind the scenes work. I’m really excited to start teaching that in a way that’s really affordable for a lot of people. I want to see all my soul sisters out there rocking it with clarity, intention and confidence.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The 2 Most Powerful Feeling For MANIFESTING Anything

For me, The Secret, was one of the first movies, or education I had about the Law of Attraction. I’ve had a serious breakthrough and want to share this manifesting 2.0 with you. It’s definitely next level shit. This is not just for entrepreneurs either. Here’s the secret about The Secret – we are all using the Law of Attraction all the time. The underlying truth of everything is that we all use the Law of Attraction for ourselves and in our teachings, if you are a coach of any kind. 

Maybe you have clients or you yourself got turned on to the Law of Attraction and you have an idea of how it works, right? What’s taught in the traditional Law of Attraction sense is desire. You have to know what you want and you have to want it so fucking bad that you make it come true. You probably resonate with that but it’s like, ok, yes and…? What next? 

This is the thing, yes we need to know what we want. We need to have a spark of desire. The desire is super important, but the truth is desire does not create anything. I’m going to be really frank and vulnerable all at once. I have wanted things for so long in my life that it became such an ingrained pattern of wanting, that there was no way I would ever be receiving what it is I wanted. Can you relate to that? Have you ever felt like I’m wanting all fucking day! But yet the things aren’t flooding into my life. That’s because it isn’t really about wanting. Wanting is so like first grade. It’s elementary. Everyone needs to go to first grade but then we need to graduate and move on and really apply manifesting and the Law of Attraction into our lives in a way that is actually going to get us results. The results that we want and actually put the work in for. 

I want to crack the code and this comes from really personal experience because I only teach what I go through. I’m a firm believer in this and that is why I have a passion for this subject. First and foremost I want to say this, fuck desire. I kind of wanted to make a post about it but I don’t want to offend people. Since I talked about this in a live video (you can watch it below) I know that when you see my face and I smile as I said “fuck desire” you can still love me for that.

When we move out of desire we move into two things. These two things can be applied to your life yesterday, today and tomorrow. Because yesterday, today and tomorrow (not really yesterday but you know what I’m saying by that) has everything to do with the immediate future and the future, future. It is so important to focus on these two things. You already know what they are but you may not know them in this order. 

Here are the TWO things that are the next step after desire and wanting: 

#1 – Certainty. If you are certain there is no room for doubt. When there is no room for doubt there is also no room for fear. Or specifically for fear to take over. There’s always going to be fear but there’s no room for it to come to the surface because certainty is always going to outweigh your fear and doubt. 

Desire? Not so much. It’s a little flaky. So how do we build that really solid foundation? We have to know what we want and we have to be certain that we want the thing. 

There are several levels to certainty. Am I certain that this is what I want and that is what my intention is? Am I certain that I am in alignment with it? Am I certain that I can actually feel what it would feel like to receive this into my life? If the answers are yes, then that is alignment. That is that feeling of, yeah of course I desire it. The spark of desire. Certainty is what’s going to create the foundation to build it on and then ultimately you will start to receive it. 

These are the things that have helped me manifest my husband,(who is gorgeous, does the dishes, is amazing and I love him) my baby, and my soul mate clients. 

The spark is there, the certainty is there and the feeling of alignment to a larger goal is there. 

#2 – Excitement. I literally think this is the spice of life and the thing that is missing all the time. Excitement is the number one magnification tool for everything you want in your life. Just like how certainty was a whole bag of things, so is excitement. Because are you really excited if you are worried or stressed out? Are you excited if you are tired or if you don’t have proper nutrition? How about if you don’t feel good in your body or if you don’t wake up with gratitude? 

If you aren’t asking for what you need to show up into the world and standing firm in it, in certainty, are you excited? I’m guessing, no. Because that is the key thing I see missing in most people’s lives. I’m thinking of how many people I see in the street or in the store, even online and in Facebook groups, if I were to ask what they are excited about, I almost always feel like there is a blockage in the way. That is because it takes a lot of work to maintain an excited feeling. It takes really showing up for yourself first and foremost, so you can meet your own needs and feel free to be excited. Like I said, if you are tired or sick, you are not going to be excited. 

But you when can wake up in the morning and ask yourself what you are excited about today, and you have that vision for the thing, feeling excited about it is what’s going to make it real. It really is just that simple, but not easy. I love simple and ease. But that does not mean that it doesn’t take work because it does. I’m never going to tell you to just “think differently”. 

THINK differently and DO differently to BE different. 

It’s so important to connect all the dots and give ourselves credit for the things we’re doing. Then really set our sights about what we want in the larger picture that we can be excited about and not be filled with fear and doubt about, because we’re certain we can achieve it. We believe in ourselves 100% and that means we set the vision accordingly. 

When we set the vision it could trigger us so that doubt tries to set in. Squash that shit! That is not the vision to hold in the daily practice of excitement. The larger vision to hold in the daily practice of excitement is the one that you feel certain about. And then it moves forward. It is an ever-flowing change and that is the beauty of life. 

This message had me so amped up that I just had to share it with you! When you get those I encourage you to share them too. I teach my clients to get in alignment with their greatest self and truth so they can show up and be real in world. 

This may seem small to somebody. But videos like this and the ones you have the potential to do, or that you are doing, can really be a catalyst for change. And that is what we are here to do. Shine our light.

Check out the video of this post here:

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Monday, May 22, 2017

What To Invest In To GROW Your Business And When

This is the kind of thing I wish somebody would have laid out for me. I also want to preface this post by saying this is my opinion and what has worked for me. So if something doesn’t resonate with you that is totally fine.

I feel there is a lot of confusion around what is most important to invest in for your business. I may not have done it in this exact order but I may wish I had. I really believe in investment and that we get out what we put in. It can be your energy, time, money, or psychic/spiritual energy, but I believe that is how you begin to see results. I personally have invested a lot of time, energy and money into my business and have a strong belief that if you want to grow fast, you invest. I can see that really clearly from the choices I’ve made in my business. It is possible to have a thriving online or brick and mortar business without putting a ton of money into it but I don’t think you are going to hit that 6-figure mark or $10,000 month very quickly if you are not willing to invest.

These are the Top 5 Things to Invest in for Your Business, in order:

# 1 – Childcare. This won’t apply to everyone obviously. I know there are a lot of moms trying to get their side-hustle on and still have their kids at home. Personally that would have never worked for me because for my creativity to really be in the zone and for me to show up in a big way online, I want to look and feel good.
When I see people really struggling with their online business this is one of the main reasons why. If you are not getting at least 10 hours each week of super clear energy I think it will take you are super long time to build a thriving business.
The online business/online market world is over-saturated. Don’t think that means that there isn’t room for you because there is. But the reality is there is always going to be somebody else who has childcare, who is looking and feeling their best and they are going to get seen first because they have more energy to put in.

# 2 – Have a Coach.  The reason I think you have to have the right coach is because it is a shortcut. It is so important to have somebody that models the business model that you want to create. And yes, income is part of the business model.

There is this whole thing out there where people are selling the results, the lifestyle. I don’t want you to hire somebody because of their lifestyle because the lifestyle they show online is probably not the entire truth.

I’m pretty real, you know me as the real coach, but I’m still only showing you what I want you to see. I’m not going to get on a Facebook Live in the morning without any makeup on and my hair disheveled while Ava is throwing a temper tantrum. We have to trust that everybody is hiding something.

Really take a holistic view about how a coach thinks about their life and business. It’s not just about having a really thriving business or a really thriving life, it’s totally about both. This will help you whittle down to who you really want to hire.

In my first year of being online I had a one on one coach for nine months of that time. Then I had a one on one coach for six months and now I’m in Kimra Luna’s mastermind so I probably won’t have a one on one coach for a little while. But now that I’ve reached the six-figure mark in my business I plan to spend $10,000 in my business every quarter on something new. It could be one on one coaching or a combination of things.

Think of where you are right now and meet those needs. Think of your business like a tree; don’t water it like it’s an oak tree if it’s still a sprout because it will drown. So being super specific about where you are, exactly what you need and what results you are looking for will help you find the people.

# 3 – Hire a Virtual Assistant.  You might actually have the time to do the things a VA can do, but I think spiritually, mentally and emotionally it’s not the best thing for you to be doing those things.

For example, when I was pivoting from being a personal trainer and life coach to moving my business online I was not really making any money. I knew I wanted to scale and really take visibility to the next level because it was in total alignment for me. For the first 1-2 months of switching to visibility I hardly made any money and I remember exactly what happened one month. I made $1000 in my business and paid $1,500 for my VA and for childcare. But it gave me a feeling of being all-in. I didn’t care that I didn’t make any money because I knew this was how I was going to get there. And it really worked because within a few months I had my first 10k month.

So first it sends a message to the Universe and then it also frees you up, even if you don’t have the clients yet or you don’t have all that time filled, the feeling it gives you is gold.

# 4 – Head Shots. I think these really matter on social media. I’m a big fan of having one as your profile picture. Do you click on somebody’s social media and then click on their first few headshots? I would say your first 3-5 profile images matter and maybe just delete old ones. This is going to give people a good idea of who you are.

Your main profile picture should give people an impression of trust and that they would buy from you. 

# 5 – Logo, Branding & Website. I put this last because you don’t need the big fancy branding right away and hopefully your coach is going to help you build an audience. You need an audience before you can sell anything.

Check out the video below for extra details.

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